Monday, 10 October 2016

[TUTORIALS] How to Vote for BTS on Music Shows

           How to Vote for BTS on Korean Music Shows

1. SBS MTV The Show

# Vote for BTS on SNS using hashtag

- Every week Thursday to Monday 12 PM KST

- Follow SBS MTV on Twitter (@SBS_MTV) and tweet "@SBS_MTV #더쇼 #방탄소년단" along with cheer words.

Ex: @SBS_MTV I LOVE #더쇼 BTS #방탄소년단

#Tudou Site Votings

- Watch BTS Music Video on Tuduo, Like and Click the orange button besides BTS name.

Link: Music Tudou

#Live Votings 

- When BTS is nominated for #1, You can vote for them from SMS.

- Type 방탄소년단

- Send SMS at #1119 (for Korea) and +821119 for International.

2. MBC Music - Show Champion.

#Vote from Mobile App "Idol Champ"

Download Link for Android -

For iOS users: Go to MBC Plus Homepage and you'll see the voting place there. No need to download different apps for iOS users.

3. Mnet - MCountdown.

#MWave/Mnet Homepage Pre Votings

- Pre Voting Link:

- Pre Voting : Every week Friday to Monday 9 AM KST

 1 Vote per 1 ID. You can login using Facebook/ Twitter/ Mnet ID.

#Live Votings

- When BTS is nominated for #1, You can vote for them from SMS.

- Type 방탄소년단

- Send at #2336 (for Korea) and +822336 or +820102336 or International).

4. KBS - Music Bank

No Live Votings.

5. SBS Inkigayo 

#Mobile App votings

- Download 멜론 아지톡 apps 

#Pre Votings

-From Monday 12 PM to Saturday 11:59 PM (Vote using the apps and you can vote 3 times a day.

#Live Votings

- Type 방탄소년단

- Send at #1245 (Korea) and +821245 or +00821245 (International)

If there's any changes, we'll let you know again. Stream on Melon as much as you can since Digital scores reflect 50-60% on Music Shows. Don't forget to watch BTS 피 땀 눈물 Music Video on Youtube.

Thank You.

- Daily Namjoon

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  1. Great, so now i can vote for BTS on Korean Music Shows.. This is crazy really. I like these shows, and want to try my luck on these show. who knows i am the next winner.:)