Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to create Melon account (Step by Step Tutorial)

1. Go to

2.  Click 회원가입 below login option


3. Click Email Option and fill up all the boxes, when you're done, Click the green button at the end of the page.


4. Check your email and see "SPAM FOLDER" to get a verification code. Click "Display image below option to see the image.


5. Copy the codes and paste it on the Verification Code option.


6. Fill up all the boxes, see the image for translation.



 7. And you're DONE!!!!! Thank you..

-Daily Namjoon


  1. Thankyou.. Btw how to get free streaming?

  2. i'm getting an errorbthat melon is not avail in the philippines...ottok

  3. Whenever I try to paste the verification code instead of putting 6 numbers it only puts 3 and I try to type them myself but it doesn't work :(

  4. but why I try to download song cannot ? and they show something v money ...for download song need to pay?

  5. I have visited the website and after following your given procedure it was quite easy for me to make and account now i will check what this site brings to me thanks for sharing with us