Sunday, 4 September 2016

How to join BTS Fancafe (Step by step Tutorial)

1. Go to

2. Click "회원가입"

3. Click 2nd option to sign up using email.

4. Type your email and click the button beside it to send Verification code. Check your email spam folder and copy the 6 digits and paste it on the second empty box and click the button besides it. (Verification code is valid for 10 minutes only). Type your name (only First and Last Name). Tick all the boxes and click the blue button in the bottom.

5.  It will give you your daum ID (according to your name) or you can change it to an ID that you want. Type your password.

6. Go to to type Korean language that is written in the box. If you don't know how to type, screenshot the security code and mention Daily Namjoon on twitter. I'll type it for you and just copy & paste it in the box.

7. After typing/copying the Korean verification words, click "가입완료"

8. Then your "Email ID and your Daum ID" will appear on the screen. Click the blue button again.

9. To join BTS fancafe, go to and click 로그인 which is on top of the screen.

10. Login using your "DAUM ID" and your "DAUM PASSWORD".

11. Click "내 정보" which is on the left side of the screen under BTS logo.

12. Pop-up will appear on the screen which tells you if you want to join BTS Fancafe or not and click "OK"

13. Before you type your Cafe nickname, read BTS Fancafe Nickname rules here and read the English translation here
 After you fill up your nickname and the alphabet shown in the box, click "가입"

14. Click "확인" and you'll be a member of BTS fancafe.

NOTE: To see BTS posts or write on fancafe, you need to Level up. There are two methods of level up, one is by answering questions and the other is by buying "BTS Official ARMY Recruitment". If you want to level up by answering a question, go to the board "등업신청_월화수" to see the questions on "Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday" and "등업신청_목금토 " to see questions on "Thursday, Friday and Saturday". No level up questions on Sunday. Mon,Tue,Wed questions and Thu,Fri,Sat questions are different. They changed questions every week. I cannot translate the questions for you or tell you the answers because it's violating BTS Fancafe rules. You need to answer the question on your own.

I hope it's useful to everyone who don't know how to join BTS' Fancafe.

-Daily Namjoon


  1. Could u tell me where to type the answers? I think I found the answers 7 total? But the problem is where am I supposed to type it, and then send it. Could u message me on twitter: @Rika_Kirai or Email: please and thank you

  2. Hi, I followed the steps until the BTS pop up asking if I wanted to join. It brought me to this page. I'll tweet you a picture of the page.

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  4. Thank you so much for the help!! I've been trying to join the cafe for like forever!

  5. i want to know more about the questions i click on the thurs,fri,sat one but it did not appear any question but a comment section about something like photo ..please help me thank you

  6. thank you for the guide! i managed to join tho am still overwhelmed by the hangeul characters keke

  7. Hi i tried entering but it doesn't give me the option of registering by email. I've tried different browsers but it still doesn't work...pls help tks:)

  8. Hoping you would also make a blog on how to join in BTS weibo. Thanks for these infos. Im able to make my own account.

  9. What are the questions? And is there an age limit?

  10. where is the application form available? It says to answer about my name age sex address, id and one about bangtan's debut. 3-7 questins answered by pic??? what ? i dont understand. please help.

  11. Lets say if i cant answer the question on the first try, can i try again after that? Is there any limit as to how many times we can answer the question?

  12. Thank you for this.This is one of the many reasons why I am studying Korean.I wish to someday work for Samsung in Korea.

  13. Hi, I ordered the BTS 4th membership but I didn't realize I had to enter my fancafe ID and my Shop ID until after the expiration date. Is there anyway I can contact the Fancafe to have this issue corrected so my info can be printed on my membership card

  14. i tried leveling up by following ur steps. but i cant access the board u hae mention. it says "등업신청_월화수 게시판 권한 안내
    회원님은 현재 준회원이세요. 이 게시판은 운영자 이상 읽기 가능해요.
    등업신청 관련 게시판을 통해 신청하거나, 카페 활동을 열심히 하셔서 회원 등급을 올려보세요."

  15. I tried using this steps but I couldn't find the "email" for sign up instead, there's just the kakao and phone number :(

  16. Thank you for the useful info but the problem is I cannot understand Hangul when it comes to answering some questions to level up

  17. Can PH Army be able to access it as well?